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Communication & Outreach

Communications and Outreach. Learn more about how this department supports the school district below.


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Welcome to the Communications Department!

Proudly Serving Students of Del Norte Unified School District

Our Mission
In the heart of Del Norte County, the Communications Department at the Office of Education is committed to fostering transparent, timely, and effective communication. Serving as the bridge between the students, faculty, and the greater community, we aim to promote the achievements, news, and events of the Del Norte Unified School District.

What We Do

  • Media Relations: Act as the primary liaison with local and regional media outlets to spotlight the achievements and news of our students and faculty.

  • Internal Communication: Ensure that staff, faculty, and students are kept informed and engaged with the latest updates and initiatives.

  • Community Engagement: Organize and promote events, meetings, and community-based programs that reinforce our commitment to the students and their families.

  • Digital and Social Media: Manage and curate content across various digital platforms, ensuring our community stays connected in today's digital age.

  • Webmaster Services: Our dedicated team ensures the smooth operation, functionality, and security of our online platforms. They continuously work on updating content, ensuring accessibility, and improving user experience for our community.

  • Emergency Communications: In the event of emergencies or critical situations, our department is responsible for promptly disseminating accurate information to students, parents, staff, and the community to ensure safety and awareness.

  • Marketing & Advertising: Harness the power of strategic campaigns to highlight the successes, programs, and initiatives of the district. With an innovative approach, we create compelling advertisements and promotional materials to extend our reach and amplify our impact in the community.

Latest News & Highlights
Stay abreast of our recent achievements, events, and news from the Del Norte Unified School District. Check out the latest stories »

Upcoming Events
From community meetings to school celebrations, find out what's happening in the district. View our event calendar »

Connect With Us
We value feedback and engagement from our community. Reach out to us with any queries, suggestions, or ideas you have. You can email us at or call our help hotline at 707-464-6143

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Del Norte County Office of Education is dedicated to fostering an inclusive and vibrant learning environment. Together with the community, we champion the success of every student.

Staff Directory

Michael Hawkins

Director of Communications

Nicky Corpstein

Media Tech Specialist

High Lo

Media Technician

Ocean Allen

Student Intern - Communications