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Intradistrict Transfers

You can use this page to learn more about the policies and processes when transferring students to another school within our school district.



Intradistrict Transfers Podcast

Intradistrict Enrollment Policy

Our Intra-district EnrollmentPolicy provides parents with some degree of choice about the school they want their children to attend.  The policy provides a random, unbiased process to determine which students will be permitted to attend schools outside their attendance zones, called the “Intradistrict Lottery".

Parents who want their children to attend a school outside their attendance zone should complete an application form, available at all schools and the District Office.  You can also find the current intradistrict transfer form at the bottom of this page (download and print).

Bring your completed forms to the District Office at 301 W. Washington Blvd. no later than 5:00 pm on Friday, March 31, 2023.  We will hold a drawing (Lottery #1) to randomly assign a number to each student on Friday, April 14, 2023.  In the event there is not enough space for all students who have applied for a particular grade / site, those lottery numbers will determine which students will be approved.  Any applications received after March 31st (and thru July 28) will be included in a second Lottery drawing on Friday, August 11, 2023.


IDT Applications for Kindergarten students or students not currently enrolled in a district school will NOT be accepted until a registration packet is received at their zone's school. This includes students attending local charter schools, homeschools, and private schools.


1.  Students from another school’s attendance area may not displace students who live within a school’s zone.

2.  Once students have gone through the lottery process and are approved, they do not have to reapply annually. Parents of children who have been attending a preschool or TK class outside their attendance zone must complete an Intradistrict/Lottery Attendance Application if they want them to continue at the same non-zone school for Kindergarten and beyond.

3.  If students move during the school year, they may be granted permission to finish the year at the school where they are enrolled.  However, they must begin attending their zone school at the beginning of the next school year unless they are approved in the next year's Lottery process.

4.  The District reserves the right to shift students to alleviate overcrowded class imbalances.

5.  School capacity to serve new students will be determined in the spring of each year.

6.  Students granted an intradistrict transfer must maintain 95% attendance or better.  Failure to maintain good attendance may result in the student's transfer to their home area school.  

7.  Students granted an intradistrict transfer will maintain positive behavior.  Failure to maintain positive behavior that results in suspension may result in the student's transfer to their home area school.

8.  The Special Education Department is responsible for maintaining a balanced class load in the Special Education classrooms.  Capacity to serve students who reside outside a school’s attendance zone is determined by the Director of Special Education, who can be reached at (707) 464-0236.

9.  The District shall not provide transportation from outside a school’s attendance area.  However, transportation for students living outside the attendance area is permitted if space on the bus is available and if the parents transport the students to a designated stop within the school of the choice attendance area.

10. The drawing for Lottery #1 will be on the second Friday of April each year at the District Office, 301 W. Washington Boulevard, Crescent City, CA, and is open to the public.


A complete copy of the Intradistrict Enrollment Policy may be obtained from the District Office.  
Questions?  Call Jeff Napier, Assistant Superintendent-Business Services, at (707) 464-0202.