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Work Opportunities for Young Adults

Workforce Center


Are you 18 to 24 years old and looking for a career? Call 707-464-8347 for more information.


SMART offers incredible career exploration opportunities, workshops, and paid trainings for Young Adults ages?

We're excited to invite young adults aged 18 to 24 who are out of school and eager to shape their future careers. Our programs offer a unique chance to explore diverse paths, build essential skills, and access valuable resources – all tailored to kickstart their professional journey.

Here's what our program brings to the table:

  • Tailored workshops and trainings
  • Career exploration to find their passion
  • Opportunities to upskill and enhance their resume
  • Expert guidance on job search strategies
  • Paid trainings for hands-on experience

If you know any young adults seeking these opportunities, refer them to SMART Workforce Center! Let's help them pave the way to a successful and fulfilling career.

Feel free to spread the word and share the excitement! Contact us at 530-246-7911 or 707-464-8347 for more details.

You can also learn more at

Together, we're shaping brighter futures for the future of workforce!

California Conservation Corps


California Conservation Corps. Apply today by calling 1-800-925-5627.


Training and Career Pathways

Corpsmembers routinely work closely with – and receive on-the-job training from – supervisors at agencies like CAL FIRE, U.S. Forest Service, Caltrans, State Parks, and the National Park Service. Additionally, supervisors at private companies oversee Corpsmembers working on electrical, construction, and specialized CCC projects.

The hands-on experience Corpsmembers receive lets them understand the “why” behind the task and it provides them a jump start on future careers or further education.

The skills they earn from working on CCC projects transfer directly to a range of career pathways, including firefighting, trails, energy, construction, corps leadership, and more.


Apply today at or call 800-925-JOBS (5627) and jumpstart your career!


Please text 844-909-2090 with the word residentialccc to start a quick apply.